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We Will Fight Alongside Pakistan Army: Sadozai Tribal Chief


Islamabad | The aggressive statement of the Indian Army Chief has been responded by the political and military leadership of Pakistan. However, the tribal leadership of the country has also expressed its deep concerns regarding the statement of the Indian Army Chief.

“The hostile statement of the Indian Army Chief cannot be considered as a statement of a soldier. Soldiers do not threat by using words, they let their actions speak. Indian Army Chief is fully aware of the consequences in case there is a war. He knows the extent to which the Pakistan Army could go against any misadventure.”

said Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, Tribal Chief of the Sadozai Tribe of Pakistan and Kashmir.

Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, a PhD in management sciences, is also a senior political leader of Azad Kashmir affiliated with the Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP), a Kashmiri political party being headed by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan. Keep Reading

Prime Minister Imran Khan Lashes Out At India


Islamabad| Prime Minister Imran Khan has reacted to the Indian backing off from dialogues. Mr. Khan has termed the Indian response for dialogue as “arrogant and negative”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier today took to twitter to directly respond to the Indian rejection of dialogue. He wrote that,

“Disappointed at the arrogant & negative response by India to my call for resumption of the peace dialogue. However, all my life I have come across small men occupying big offices who do not have the vision to see the larger picture.”

Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, also showed his disappointment. Talking to media Mr. Qureshi said,

“I am very disappointed to see that India has rejected our sincere efforts for dialogues. We sincerely hoped dialogues to resolves the outstanding issues between Pakistan and India would be in the best interest of the whole region. But unfortunately, India backed off from its commitment for dialogue by making excuses of issuance of stamps and such sorts. The stamps were published in July and India is making it an excuse in September which does not seem reasonable. Any how I believe that it was a golden chance which was not availed by India due to its internal issues.”

Mr. Qureshi also condemned the language used by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in its statement.

“There is no room for the language used by the MEA. It is against the diplomatic norms and uncalled for. I am disappointed after reading the statement of the MEA.”

Prime Minister of Pakistan Visits Saudi Arabia And Abu Dhabi


Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan visited Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and later traveled to Abu Dhabi, where he met the  UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The two leaders held comprehensive discussion on  bilateral relationship, the regional and global political situation and the issues,  being faced by the Muslim world, were also discussed.

During the meeting both the leaders expressed their desire to further enhance and diversify bilateral cooperation and to continue close coordination on issues of mutual interest.

The Saudi Arabian Visit

During his visit to Saudi Arabia, PM Khan traveled to Medina and visited the Holy Prophet’s Mosque to offer prayer. He also performed Umrah and prayed for the Muslim world at Holy Kaaba and then  flew to Jeddah, the Kingdom’s port city on the Red Sea, where he was received by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz at his Palace,  and was presented with a guard of honor and a state banquet was hosted for him and other visiting officials.

Meeting with Dignitaries

Prime Minister held wide-ranging talks with the King and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. They exchanged ideas on enhancing cooperation in political, defense, economic, commercial and cultural sectors, developing joint ventures in line with their respective developmental needs, strengthening collaboration in human resource sector and addressing the issues faced by Pakistani expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Keep Reading

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