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We Will Fight Alongside Pakistan Army: Sadozai Tribal Chief


Islamabad | The aggressive statement of the Indian Army Chief has been responded by the political and military leadership of Pakistan. However, the tribal leadership of the country has also expressed its deep concerns regarding the statement of the Indian Army Chief.

“The hostile statement of the Indian Army Chief cannot be considered as a statement of a soldier. Soldiers do not threat by using words, they let their actions speak. Indian Army Chief is fully aware of the consequences in case there is a war. He knows the extent to which the Pakistan Army could go against any misadventure.”

said Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, Tribal Chief of the Sadozai Tribe of Pakistan and Kashmir.

Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, a PhD in management sciences, is also a senior political leader of Azad Kashmir affiliated with the Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP), a Kashmiri political party being headed by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan. Keep Reading

India Ran Away From Dialogues With Pakistan


New Delhi | Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj called off the meeting with Pakistani counterpart, Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar announced the decision.

Since yesterday’s announcement of meeting of foreign ministers of India and Pakistan, two deeply disturbing developments have taken place. The latest brutal killings of our security personnel by Pakistan-based entities and the recent release of a series of 20  postal stamps by Pakistan glorifying terrorists. – MEA Spokesperson

Keep Reading

Panchayat Polls Set To Be Held In Occupied Kashmir


Srinagar, Occupied Kashmir

The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer on Sunday announced the dates of local government elections known as panchayat elections. The elections are to be held in nine steps. The polling will be conducted between November 17 and December 11.

The counting of votes will take place on the respective days of polling. The votes will be cast using ballot paper.

“Panchayat polls will be held in 9 phases. Date of polls will be Nov 17, Nov 20, Nov 24, Nov 27, Nov 29, Dec 1, Dec 4, Dec 8 and Dec 11. Counting will take place on the day of polling. Votes will be cast using ballot paper,” said J&K Chief Electoral Officer, Shaleen Kabra.

The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) has criticized and condemned the conducting of panchayat elections and termed them as enforced elections.

Thirteenth Constitutional Amendment Under Review


Islamabad | The Federal Government of Pakistan has constituted a committee to review the 13th amendment of the Constitution Act 1974 passed by the Azad Kashmir legislative assembly.

The Azad Kashmir legislative assembly passed the controversial amendment at the behest of the former PML-N led Federal Government of Pakistan upon which the officials of defence ministry and foreign ministry had their reservations. However, these reservations were ignored by the former Federal Government and green signal was given to the legislative assembly of Azad Kashmir.

The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf led Federal Government took up the matter urgently within the first hundred days of its formation. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, constituted a review committee under the supervision of the Federal Law Minister to review the 13th amendment of the 1974 Constitution Act of AJK. But the committee faced criticism for not having any members of the defence and foreign ministries in it. However, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, before going to Saudi Arabia directed that the senior officials of these ministries shall also be inducted as members of the review committee as the matters related to these ministries were also amended in the 13th amendment. Keep Reading

Police Break Up Muslim Religious Gatherings In Indian Held Kashmir


Police in Indian-controlled Kashmir have fired tear gas and used batons to break up religious processions marking the Muslim month of Muharram.

Authorities imposed a curfew in Lalchowk, the commercial hub of disputed Kashmir’s main city of Srinagar, fearing the religious processions Wednesday could morph into anti-India protests.

Clashes erupted when police attempted to stop groups of Muslims who were trying to break the curfew and hold processions at several places in the city.

Muharram, one of the most important holy days for Shiite Muslims, marks the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein, in the battle of Karbala on Ashura.

Police detained over a hundred mourners, who were expected to be released later in the day.

Indian authorities “provide state facilities and protection to facilitate the annual Hindu pilgrimage in Kashmir but ban our traditional religious processions,” said Hakim Adil, a participant in Wednesday’s processions. Keep Reading

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