We Will Fight Alongside Pakistan Army: Sadozai Tribal Chief


Islamabad | The aggressive statement of the Indian Army Chief has been responded by the political and military leadership of Pakistan. However, the tribal leadership of the country has also expressed its deep concerns regarding the statement of the Indian Army Chief.

“The hostile statement of the Indian Army Chief cannot be considered as a statement of a soldier. Soldiers do not threat by using words, they let their actions speak. Indian Army Chief is fully aware of the consequences in case there is a war. He knows the extent to which the Pakistan Army could go against any misadventure.”

said Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, Tribal Chief of the Sadozai Tribe of Pakistan and Kashmir.

Dr. Sardar Mohammed Kalim Khan, a PhD in management sciences, is also a senior political leader of Azad Kashmir affiliated with the Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP), a Kashmiri political party being headed by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan.

Dr. Kalim Khan criticized the statement of the Indian army chief and labelled it as the frustration of Indian army.

“The statement of the Indian army chief in itself indicates their level of frustration and absolute failure in oppressing the freedom movement in occupied Kashmir.”

He further admired the courage, bravery and sacrifices of the youth of occupied Kashmir and stated that Azad Kashmiri people are also ready to react towards any misadventure on Indian army’s part.

“While the Kashmiri youth are offering their lives for the right of self determination on the other side of the disputed territory, the ones living in Azad Kashmir are always ready to react fiercely in case of any escalation from the Indian army but we are sure that it is nothing but an attempt to boost the morals of a defeated army.”

The Sadozai tribal chief, while discouraging the Indian political scoring through warmongering, pointed towards the detriments of the jingoistic foreign policies of United States of America and India.

“The world is facing frustration of two lunatics with war-phobia. The irresponsible boasting of Donald Trump and Narendra Modi might leave their countries in the most unpleasant relations with the peace loving nations around the world.”

The Sadozai tribal chief praised the Prime Minister of Pakistan for taking initiative to discuss the resolution of the Kashmir issue and condemned the negative thinking of the Indian Government and its army chief. He stated that the price for keeping peace has been paid by the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir which is why warmongering should be discouraged. However, if the Indians attempt any military action against Pakistan then he and his tribesmen shall stand with the Pakistan army.

“We do not want a war” – “But if the Indian army thrusts it upon us, we, the Sadozai Tribe, will fight in the front lines along side the Pakistan Army. We will not take any chance on the national security and sovereignty of our beloved country. We will teach them a lesson for the generations to come.”

The Sadozai Tribe

The Sadozai tribe is one of the leading warrior tribes of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. There population in Azad Kashmir is approximately 1.5 million. Their rich history is filled with bravery, courage and undying loyalty to their cause. Their valor has been praised by the International authors in books such as Crisis in Kashmir by Alastair Lamb, Travels in Kashmir, Ladakh, Iskardo (Volume -1) by G. T. Vigne Esq., The Untold Story of The People of Azad Kashmir by Christopher Snedden, The Reigning Family of Lahore by Major G. Carmichael Smyth and many others.

One of the most notable members of the Sadozai tribe is Sardar Shamas Khan, who was the head of Sudhan tribe and waged a war of Independence against Maharajah Gulab Singh.

The Azad Kashmir movement and war of 1947 was also headed by one of the Sadozai tribesman, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, a 31 years old barrister from Poonch, who later on became the first President of the Azad Kashmir Government at the age of 32.

The recently issued statement of the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat in which he has issued empty threats, again, to the Pakistan Army has opened up a new front for India & Pakistan relationship. The rejection of dialogues by India has rightly unveiled the falsely portrayed peace loving image of India in the international community. It is believed by the analysts that India might have done a great service to Pakistan and Kashmir cause by revealing its intentions to the world.

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